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Florida Brokers International Realty is a Real Estate brokerage agency based in Miami with more than 30 years of experience in Real Estate in the South Florida region. We manage investment portfolios for local and international customers.

Our main focus is to serve as consultants by guiding our clients through the process of investing, buying or selling a home. Our legacy speaks for itself.

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MIAMI 2025

As Miami continues to develop into an international hub of commerce, culture and entertainment, it will foster local business, public spaces and unique identity. The combination of an established local culture and an attractive global destination is what will make Miami a vibrant, successful and a memorable place for years to come.

The plan looks to achieve:

  • Enhance Miami’s position as the business and cultural epicenter of the Americas
  • Leverage and support further growth and development of major Arts, Cultural & Entertainment institutions
  • Leverage Miami’s beautiful and iconic tropical waterfront
  • Complete Bay-walk and River-walk
  • Elevate the city’s grand boulevard to prominence
  • Create Streets and community spaces