Invest in Miami

Reasons to invest in Miami

Security Assets
Currency Rate
Public Safety
Price of real estate

Security Assets

The reality of corruption and the fear of usurpation of personal assets in some countries strongly encourage people to move their money to the United States.

invest in miami


This is a safe and tangible way for investors to generate short-term cash.

Currency Rate

With many currencies trading higher than the US dollar, investors are able to acquire some of the most impressive multi-million dollar residences in the world at what they perceive as discounted rate.

Public Safety

The ability for individuals to live and vacation in a safe place is top priority among families with available funds. After hiding jewelry, driving inexpensive cars, and trying their best not to show that they have money in their countries of origin foreigners can come to Miami and fully enjoy their money.

Price of real estate

The price point of real estate in first class cities across the globe is reaching all time highs. With large homes and great views demanding much more money than ever before, Miami has become the vacation destination of Latin America, Canada, and Europe.


Return in dollars of your investments
Peace of mind in the best returns.
Short and long-term investments.

Miami as a destination

  • This slide is based on a Knight Frank study of global wealth. In 2019, Miami was ranked No. 5 as one of the favorite destinations for high-net-worth individuals. In just 8 years (since 2011) Miami has ranked from #29 to #5.
  • Miami is outpacing its competitive luxury residential markets (Hong Kong, London, and New York). When it comes to price per square foot, Miami is almost half the price for the quality of luxury. Half the price with Paris, 3 times cheaper compared to New York.

The beaches and the weather

Simply put, there is no better place than Miami to live, work, and play. Miami combines the appeal of a tropical resort with all the benefits and opportunities that come with living in a major metropolitan area. White sand beaches with palm trees and warm ocean waters are just minutes from the main mall and cultural centers.



Secure your investment in a stable country, with a strong economy and currency.

Luxury Shopping

Miami’s Design District has fully developed in recent years and has attracted top brands from the fashion industry to its location.

Taking root in Switzerland, Art Basel had grown a lot and needed to relocate to a larger city that promoted the same love for art, if not more. Miami

These 4 days of activities impact the artistic community of Miami, as well as the international visitors it receives. Apart from the enormous economic impact of the 500 million dollars that Art Basel generates, it attracts investors from all over the world who are inspired by its reputation; the event is enough to place them here in some way.

Investors love luxury residences, restaurants, scenes, lifestyles, and everyone wants to own a piece of Miami.

There are very few developments planned for the next 1-2 years. Development takes about 5 years to complete from pre-sale. Within those 5 years, there will not be much new inventory on the market, which will break the sales of the remaining inventory and will result in the price increase due to the lack of new supply.

This image is just a reflection of how the city’s landscape is changing when it comes to luxury and high-net-worth individual visitors. In 1994 there were only 1,200 five-star rooms in our city.

In 20 years, this number has multiplied by 10. A record 23 million visitors in 2018, with an economic impact of $ 18 billion, is giving a clear picture of how our visitor profile is changing.

Miami is the second busiest city in the United States, with 87% occupancy.

World-renowned luxury hotels have established themselves in Miami.

Miami International Airport

Miami occupies a strategic place on the map of the United States. – Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the fastest-growing airport hubs in the world. 

Miami International Airport surpassed the 45 million passenger milestone for the first time in 2018, serving nearly a million more travelers than the previous year. The busiest airport in the US for international cargo also set a record of 2.3 million tons of cargo, adding 60,000 tons to the 2017 total. MIA served almost 21.9 million international passengers during the year (403,380 more than in 2017) and more than 23.1 million domestic travelers in 2018, compared to 22.6 million the previous year. – Miami International Airport is the # 1 worldwide for the import/export of merchandise and is also the # 1 airport in the US connecting North America with South America and the # 3 airport in the US. USA (after New York and Los Angeles) for international passenger transport, totaling 45 million passengers in 2018

# 1 IN TOTAL INTERNATIONAL CARGO IN THE US with an economic impact of $ 62 billion
# 3 IN USA - TOTAL INTERNATIONAL PASSENGERS IN USA (After JFK & LA) 45 million passengers 2018.

The Port of Miami receives the largest variety of cruise ships from around the world.

It is also known as the «Cruise Capital of the World» with 6 million travelers a year who board these ships.


Large Corporations


Global property taxes

Rising taxes on second home purchases, foreign buyers, and other strategic cooling measures have added another element of uncertainty that hampers activity in cities around the world. In some cases, punitively high taxes divert foreign investment from home buyers to cities and countries with lower taxes and even residency or citizenship incentives.

While some buyers choose to be taxed, others divert their investment to more welcoming locations, a trend that Florida benefits from low taxes.

  • Miami’s strategic position as the «Gateway to the Americas» makes it one of the most fascinating and diverse cities to live, work and play, an international business center due to its strategic location and benefits.
  • In addition to the Fortune 500 companies that are already established in Miami, it has been said that headquarters will be coming to Miami and will have a new facility here. Amazon will also use Miami’s transportation methods to relocate more than 5,000 employees (this means 5,000 houses, cars, etc.) with a huge impact on our city.
  • Miami has the highest concentration of national and international banks south of New York and has recently been classified as the “Wall Street South”.


  • With the current absorption rate (average of the last 3 years), it is estimated that the current inventory will be sold in 2 years.
  • Second most entrepreneurial city in the US.
  • The highest startup density in the country with 247.6 Startups per 100,000 people.

There are very few developments planned for the next 1-2 years. Developments takes about 5 years to complete from pre-sale. Within those 5 years, there will not be much new inventory on the market, which will break the sales of the remaining inventory and will result in the price increase due to the lack of new supply.

  • The following slides were posted in 2011. At that time, Miami had just experienced a huge drop in the housing market.
  • No one at the time believed that the listed developments were going to break down after that crisis. The idea was almost impossible to conceive.
  • The city has changed a lot since then and has become a real city where people live, work, and play. Thousands of businesses have come to Miami, with workforces that need space to live and work.

The dynamics of the city have also changed and will continue to change.

  • 90% of the developments shown in the following slides have already been sold, built, and delivered; or are in the middle of their construction phases.
  • This is the future of Miami. A more modern feeling, a pedestrian city, a more international cosmopolitan metropolis that everyone wants to live and be part of.

Purchasing process

Property selection.

Focused on the needs, interests, and strategies of each investor, we offer unique opportunities in areas with growth paths, close to exponentially commercialized areas.

Study of the properties
Property closure

Why is it a good decision

Smart Investment

Low-risk investment

With returns in dollars

One hundred x one hundred owner

Of the property, whatever the model

holdings do the work for you

in property management, rentals, etc.

Developing Neighborhoods

Our main objective is to invest in neighborhoods that are growing, changing, and that tend to appreciate and to have an annual increase in rents.


In the last four years alone, Magic City Innovation District® – Little Haiti has attracted a diverse range of companies, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and their respective backers who are a dynamic and growing population that spans all demographics and backgrounds. of the industry.

With every new storefront and new business opening, every painted mural and public art display, with every community event, we are witnessing a transformation. Inspired by the success of other art-focused districts in Miami with the addition of new technology visionaries and world-class productions, the community exhibits the same fibers needed to build a new urban community that will be a model for innovative real estate development throughout. the world.


Little Havana is the colorful center of Hispanic culture in Miami. The area is littered with Latin-inspired cafes, restaurants, venues, and markets that give space and a voice to all the different backgrounds that have taken root in the neighborhood. Here you will find the locals sipping an afternoon snack or fresh fruit smoothie, discussing politics in a game of dominoes, or eating solid authentic dishes from all over Latin America against a backdrop of ever-present Cuban rhythms.

The Real Estate in this neighborhood stands out for its looks for a unique reason: This neighborhood has a higher proportion of apartment complexes or high-rise apartments compared to other neighborhoods in the country. Most neighborhoods are a mix of real estate and housing types, but here it is almost entirely dominated by large buildings and apartment complexes. 79.8% of real estate here is classified as apartment complexes or high-rise apartments, which is more than what is found in 97.1% of American neighborhoods.


One of the most diverse neighborhoods in Miami. Allapattah enjoys a strong sense of community and a distinctive Latin flavor. It is home to the Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Rubell Museum, one of the largest private collections of contemporary art in North America. Allapattah real estate consists mainly of small (two-bedroom studios) to medium-sized (three or four-bedroom) houses and small apartment buildings.


Brownsville is an urban neighborhood located in Miami, Florida with a population of 17,155. 

Most residential real estate is occupied by a mix of owners and tenants. Many of the residences in the Brownsville neighborhood are newer, built-in 2000 or more recently.

Brownsville offers a peaceful environment and will appeal to home buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. Most areas in this community are reasonably peaceful, as the streets are often quiet. Lastly, there are some green spaces nearby for residents to enjoy and they are especially well-located, making them easily accessible.


Dania Beach offers a wide selection of green spaces to enjoy. Public green spaces are easy to get to from most places within the city, with about 10 of them nearby for residents to discover, including Griffin Park and Tiger tail Park. Lastly, this part of the Miami metropolitan area is relatively quiet, due to the presence of few pedestrians, although noise levels are higher near the airport.

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