Why invest with us

Maria Ramirez – Broker / Alejandro Páez – Sales Director

Florida Brokers has more than 30 years of experience in the Real Estate market in the South Florida region, where our partners are pioneers and participants of the most important projects in Florida.

Thanks to our business development, we have inside information on upcoming Real Estate laws and developments so that our clients can obtain the best return of investment in the sector they are investing.

Florida Brokers has been characterized to manage successful investment portfolios for their clients and are always looking for the new opportunity that best suits the client’s needs.

We offer extensive range of investment opportunities. From home buyers that are looking to purchase their dream home, executives with limited time that want to own an investment property, to investment firms that are looking to obtain multi-family projects, buildings, lots, etc.
If you are the kind of person who has money sitting in the bank or if you are wondering about how to obtain a secure investment in the south Florida real estate market, allow us to advise you with the help of our expert team of brokers who study your case in particular and give you the professional advice you deserve.
Do not hesitate to write us an email, or chat online whenever you need it, we’ll be immediately available to address your concerns.

Purchasing process

Property reform

Our goal is to find properties that we can reform to increase the sale value and the rental value.

We have a team of «General Contractors» who help us minimize reform costs while increasing the value of the property.


Our main objective is to increase rents in emerging neighborhoods where we can replace old tenants with new tenants who have a greater financial capacity.

Building Construction

Miami has had code changes in several zones that now allow vertical construction. Our goal is to identify the lots that have the potential for development. Once acquired, we take care of making the necessary changes with the zoning department in the city to be able to increase the construction density to the maximum. We offer small multi-family projects of approximately 10-20 apartments and for big developers, projects of 100 or more units.

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